Self-Promotion tips

Self-Promotion tips

Self-promotion is a fact of life for anyone who is marketing or who are affiliate marketers..the trick is how to market without sounding like you are um… self promoting. Does that make any sense to anyone? lol

self-promotion tip help others

This is what everyone keeps hearing by the way and its no wonder so many people are always confused about marketing especially when on social media!
While many may argue that there is a fine line between the act of self- promotion and promoting oneself on social media the fact is there is ( at least to me) a difference.
When I think about a person who is self promoting I have this imagery of a person going around saying..look at me, I’m so good and talking only about what they are doing or have done and really not giving a damn about anyone else – other than themselves. Kind of sad when I think about it!
Promoting yourself ( notice the difference?) is different in terms of what you are doing and why you are doing it.
While many of the strategists on the net will talk about branding companies (what it is and how to do it)which is great if you have a number of employees to help you with these tasks, when you are an independent marketer then thinking of yourself as a brand can be quite a leap in a persons thought process!
One of the nicest wordings I have come across was made by Margie Warrell on her post Self-Promotion Is Not Crucial (Unless You Want To Get Ahead!)

“Self-promotion is about strategically building your ‘personal brand’ to ensure that those who can help you accomplish more in your career will know not just who you are, but the value you have (and want) to contribute.”

Love it! So lets change the does one build their personal brand on social media?
When you understand that every footprint you create on social media is telling the story of your personal brand ( or self – promotion) then here are some self promotion tips to “talk about you”
1. On of the best ways to  promote yourself or  creating  your own personal brand is by having your own website or blog. It really doesn’t cost that much to buy your own domain these days and there are lots of people or reputable services who will help build a site that is easy to use. When you add content that is useful and interesting then you have started on your path of “branding” you!
2. Create foot prints using social media! Starting with your profile on different social networks to what you are saying on these networks, everything you do and say is a form of branding or self promotion.
So what are you saying?

  • Are you being honest? It takes time to earn trust, but when you do you will reap rewards that are incredible!
  • Are you likable? Its one thing to talk about accomplishments, but have you given others credit who may have helped you? Are you always talking about you as though you were the king ( or Queen)? Are you treating your fans or followers as though they were entities to broadcast to or are you treating them as they deserve..real people! To be honest I don’t care if you have 10 followers or a thousand followers..these people followed you because you said something or shared something that meant something to them. They deserve your best!
  • When you have something to you say it or do you hide behind platitudes or hypocrisy?
  • Are you confident enough in yourself to admit mistakes and then go that extra step to make them better?
  • Are you able to say  – I don’t know the answer and then help the person out and find the answers!

Are you remembering the 80/20 rule of talking to people on social media? by the way that does not mean sending the same marketing message over and over again, it does mean talking about your business in different ways. Promoting you means asking questions, telling people something of value —getting involved!
I think Curtis Harrison hit the nail on the head when he said..

The classic rule of sales applies online as well as it does in person: people buy from people they like. The best way to get sales is not a constant bombardment with advertising or telling people how great or successful your company is. Instead, it is getting people to like you. A Facebook “like” is one thing, but I mean really like you, as in enjoying your posts enough to keep coming back for more. That includes conversation by the way, which is why you should respond to all of the comments on your page. Otherwise your online presence is really nothing more than the web equivalent of an automated telephone answering system, and we all know how pleasant and likable those are, don’t we?

I couldn’t  have said it better myself! To me applying this thinking to ALL social networks as the best way to promote yourself! Instead of broadcasting and selling  –  start talking!
3. Blogging is a great way to promote/ brand yourself! No I am not talking about your business, I am talking about YOU the person. We all have different skills and knowledge and we all have something to say. Blogging is a great way to be seen as a person with interest(s), a way sharing  skills and a way of sharing different viewpoints.
4. A simple and easy way to promote-yourself is through your image and I am talking about your profile image.Whether it be answering a comment on a blog to any forum or other social network, we want to see who you are and more important people want to see you as a “real” person. One way to do this is using Gravatar ( Globally recognized avatar) and because it is linked to your email..when you leave a comment on a blog ( if you are not doing that..why not?) your picture will be seen. You can go to and sign up very easily, so get over there and ..start commenting on blogs ( a sneaky way of saying..commenting on blogs  is another way to promote yourself.)

One last self-promotion tip and this is aimed for all of you using Twitter – clean your account!

Many people starting out in marketing and social media have this wonderful tendency to follow anyone and everyone just to get the numbers up ( the worst way to self-promote by the way) and boy what a mess can happen.

I was working on a new clients twitter account and I noticed that their numbers were indeed very high and I went wow…until I looked closer at the “people” they followed and those who followed back and my heart went into my throat!

You may think you are doing yourself a favor when you follow or have people who follow you “just because” but trust me you aren’t even broadcasting to some of are just a number!
Use a service such as Refollow or justUnfollow to get your twitter account clean again! The key to promoting is to target and TALK to your followers.

Regardless of what you call it.. self-promotion, promoting yourself or branding yourself without thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it, you are not going to get very far in your marketing or social media efforts. Take the time and really ask do you want to be seen?


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