Social Influence – Do You Have Any?

Social Influence – Do You Have Any?

Social influence and affiliate marketing go hand in hand when you are promoting any products and services and that is the hard reality when you are doing anything with social media.

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The fact is when you influence a person you will have an effect on their opinions, their attitudes and even their behaviors.
While many people will teach you about marketing metrics in terms of such things as CAC( customer acquisition costs). CPL ( cost per lead) or even CTR (click through rate) when it comes to social influence – ROI ( Return on Influence) as well as ROE (return on engagement  the waters sure can get very muddy and many people just don’t get it! What is worse they don’t even understand why they need to do this.
Before going any further you need to answer a question. What kind of social media user are you?
If you are the person who is only interested in how many people are in your circles, the huge twitter followers or Facebook fans then I can say with all honesty that  understanding influence and engagement is not for you!

Understanding social influence means how to measure the levels of interaction ( talking and sharing with people ” engagement”  and the reach or influence those interactions have on others. 

The concept of social influence as an affiliate marketer means ( at least to me) knowing why you are using social media and understanding that what you are measuring is yourself as a brand. In that regard asking yourself what your objective is, will help define how you use social media. Is it to build awareness of you ( the brand), is it educational or is it just to broadcast marketing messages? I am being a little facetious on that last one by the way, because as we all know or should know blasting marketing messages will never influence anyone!
The next thing  you need to ask yourself is  who are you attracting. Once you have set a goal of what you are doing on social media the next task will be to  follow those people, fans or circles and target people who will be interested in  your brand. If you are following everyone and anyone or doing a wide broadcast,then  sure you may get lots of followers, but you will get lower engagement. You should also ask yourself an important question..where is your audience/prospects/customers.

After you have your goals, your followers, then the way to get any influence is to share what people like and need with the ultimate goal of building that influence through being liked, retweeted, having your content shared, comments on your blog or posts on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

Now that you have an understanding about social influence and hopefully you see the importance of it as an affiliate marketer, like anything on the net there are tools that you can use to help you understand your social influence and be guided on where you need to focus your efforts. Like any tool you will find they all have their good points and their weak point,so keep that in mind and maybe use both of these tools to give you a more accurate showing of how your social influence is really working.

Just for the fun of it and I hope Bogdan does not mind, I thought I would use him as a good example to show how social influence works and maybe give him a round of applause or give him suggestions on how he could do better lol.


 Klout is a social media analytics tool  that measures  your online social influence. Based on your activity on social networks you receive a score out of 100 ( the average is 20). This score is calculated based on how many people you influence via retweets, pluses, likes and sharing and is calculated tracking 400+ signals, using 10 different networks over a 90 day period. An interesting point to note is that if you have relevant articles or pages that were noticed by Bing, that will help increase your score because it shows that your influence goes beyond social media.  They have a new feature called the question and answer platform which is new and I am still unsure where they are going to go with this ( maybe a competitor to Quora?), but so I am told, this will also contribute to your score.
Now lets see how Bogdan is ranking….
Social influence score of Bogdan Fiedur
The Second tool I wish to share with you is

What can I say about Kred, well number one I really like how they do their scoring and the layout of your social influence is very easy to see and will give you valuable insights to what you are doing. Kred focuses on your influence on social networks based on points ( 1000) and also your outreach in sharing other peoples content. While Klout is about online activities, Kred will also recognize offline activities that are relevant to your social influence.
Once again lets see how Bogdan is faring on Kred for social influence…..
social influence of Bogdan Fiedur on Kred
 As you can see with these two tools, Bogdan is indeed understanding and utilizing his social influence, which is a good thing for Adlandpro lol, but I am sure that once he explores where he needs to do more work ( maybe sharing more content, engaging more with people etc.) these scores will indeed go up.
How are you judging your social media influence?  What  tools are you using for social influence metrics and what can you learn from using tools such as these to help you with your affiliate marketing efforts?


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  • Alas, the novelty of “You got mail,” and the soft little ding that made user’s heartbeat pick up a notch when it notified them of new email has now thoroughly worn off. Most people I talk to talk more about how they can get rid of all the junk faster so they can deal with the overload of (maybe) important mail. People are sick to death of being shouted at about the latest and greatest, and now just want to talk about what interests them. Enter social media. Except a whole lot of email marketers see it as just another good way to shout. The funny thing is, when you hear the same thing being shouted long enough, you learn to ignore it so you can get back to the conversation you are interested in.

    As you have so well put it, Diane, the new SOCIAL MEDIA marketing is all about influence, not ramming your stuff down everybody’s throat, so learning how to interact and carry the conversation with patience and INTEREST is of paramount importance. (I saw a fantastic example of this in a store manager the other day as I sat outside a store in the Village at Park Royal waiting for my daughter. It works offline, too.) I like tools such as Klout and Kred, too, kind of as a yardstick to see if the conversation is going in the right direction.

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  • Simply inKREDable and Kloutable! I have been popping in and out every chance I got today while doing doing chores like driving my lovely wife to a Dr.s appointment and to do laundry. She is soooo awesome to do most of the work while I sat in the hot car engaging with my online friend.

    Thank you for another amazing article Diane! I grew up hearing you learn something new every day. At age 68 I have learned a lot. Today at least two new valuable tools I will want to share with my friends and followers. I have become good friends with Diane, Dave, Bogdan and many others by sharing valuable tools that are available to all of us. Now most of those tools are for online but the engaging with friends and those we care about the most can be offline as well.

    You say that Kred will recognize offline activities that are relevant to your social influence. I am not sure how that happens but will give it a closer look very soon.

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  • Great article as always, Diane.
    Social Influence can be a two edged sword in some instances.
    Think about the affect of a “Poor Influence”
    Anything you say and do on the internet has Impact, which is difficult to erase.

    Although I do not rely on the social media watchdogs to affect content, I do keep the Golden Rule in play.
    “Write and speak unto others as you would have others write and speak unto you”
    Chuck Bartok recently posted…Is your Blog/Website Elegantly Presented?My Profile

  • I am not sure the ‘social influence’ that transpire reflects the opinion of the web writer on-line is well understood. The young seem most caught up by having to say everything and anything that comes to their mind whether true of just repeated fiction. Anyway a great read


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