Social Media Connecting

Social Media Connecting

Social Media Connecting – how to maximize your reach

by Dave Cottrell

Social media connecting is a way to maximize your reach, if you do it correctly.

If you use social media connecting to blast out blatant advertising, you’re going to have a big problem, quickly. Either you will get blocked for spam, unfriended everywhere, or simply ignored. In any of those cases, you have just blown past rock bottom and dug yourself into a deep hole.

Social media connecting is the art of connecting together the social sites you belong to, so that when you send a message to one, it gets sent to one or more of the others at the same time.  social media connecting

I say, “art,because connecting them together properly is an art.

For example, if you have a LinkedIn account, you can choose who to share with in the sharing area below your activity window. One of the choices is to share with the Public and your Twitter account. This way, when you share something on LinkedIn, you also share it on Twitter.

You can also do this with other social sites. Facebook has a follower setting that will connect your Facebook account to your Twitter account, so that you can send to your followers at both sites at the same time. Nice, right?

If that was how simple it is, it would be great. The fact is, it IS that simple, as long as you only have a few accounts linked like this.

However, if you are using social media for marketing, you need to reach and engage with as large an audience as possible. This means belonging to multiple social media sites, and sometimes, with accounts like Twitter, Facebook and G+, especially, potentially having multiple accounts to manage.

This can get very complicated and time consuming. Fortunately, there are apps like, Buffer and Hootsuite to help you manage all your accounts. All of these work a little bit differently, but they can also be connected together.

You can connect them directly to each other, as in the case of and Buffer, or via social media sites that you have loaded into your profile, as on Hootsuite. But this is where it can begin to get really complicated, and where the “art” part comes in.

Guess what happens if you happen to link these sites all together like this, but fail to notice the little tick boxes asking if you want to also send to Twitter, or G+, or Facebook, or what-have-you and you happen to tick it?

If you guessed a loop, you guessed correctly. This has happened to me, and I can tell you it is FAR easier to make sure it doesn’t happen, rather than trying to track it down after it happens. I have chased loops like this for a while, now, and am still tracking some of them down.

It can be quite stunning, if you get a major loop happening. You post to one of your management sites, like Hootsuite or Buffer, and it goes into a loop that might post the same thing not just two or three times, but multiple times.  This looks really weird in your Facebook feed, trust me!

The trick is to only connect your sites to each other via the main connection you’re using, such as Buffer or Hootsuite or whatever your favorite social media management system is. Make sure that you don’t set any other sites to connect with each other. Send to your social media accounts via your management system and let that do the posting.

Hint: If you use Hootsuite, you can choose what sites and groups you want to post to. For example, if you have a post you want to make that is not suitable for all your groups and sites, you can take them out for that post.

If you use and Buffer, you can add Buffer to  Be careful.  Because can also send to your social media profiles, make sure that when you add in Buffer, you take out the social media sites from that your Buffer already hits.

Make sure to be friendly when you connect your social sites together. Make far more friendly, conversational posts than posts that have a link in them. Create interest. Stir up friendship. Spread joy. Answer comments.  Join the conversation!

Let people know they have a real friend. You have to make a living, but you have to live. Help other live a happier life and your life will be happier, too. In the end, you will also gain more wealth than you ever will looping ads across cyberspace!


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