(Social Media) List Building

(Social Media) List Building

(Social Media) List building  is not just for making money, but can also be used within the social media realm to help filter the noise that can bombard you.   Creating  your lists are a great way to keep us organized when we are on the different social networks and what a great way to create and share good content from those people who have interesting stories to tell us.

When we look back on history the  word “lists” can be traced back to William Shakespeare where in Hamlet the bard refers to “a list of landlesse resolutes.”  List building or making a list is not just used for grocery lists that many people are used to, but we are in good company with  many notable list makers such as Thomas Jefferson, Martha Stewart and Benjamin Franklin.

 It makes perfect sense to use “lists” on the various social networks, but every network has their own unique way of doing things so lets take a look at how people are creating their “lists” 

Google Plus

On G+, we create circles which is a list  to help define groupings of people who fall within our interest group and if you want to know more about G+, Jared Abrams has a pretty good post explaining circles and why you should even care about them. While it is an older post, Jared has given a great tutorial that is worth looking at.

The advantages of creating circles on G+ are:

  • A great way to interact with specific people who are interested in targeted (relevant) topics
  • A great way to learn from from your friends
  • You can filter your posts to your specific circles ( that way you are not boring others who are not interested in some of the things you want to share)

One other list you should be making when on G+

  1. click the +1 button to spread topics of interest
  2. Add comments to conversations that are of real interest to you
  3. Make sure that you have +1 buttons on your own content ( blogs)
  4. engage with others
  5. reshare content to your own circles or lists
  6. circle great people who share the same or similar interests to you
  7. make it easy for people to want to circle you


On Facebook and something many people do not realize, you can also create interest lists based on people who are friends,family, work and even topics of interest from gardening, social media,cat lovers or even make your own Adlandpro list to keep up with your friends on Adlandpro. It’s very easy to do and you can create your own privacy settings and just a great way to filter your interests and keep yourself organized. Facebook has this post if you are needing help

While creating a Facebook list will not replace your news-feed and only works on a personal page, the fact is a Facebook interest list is a great way to organize your content.


Twitter lists can keep your sanity! With so much noise happening on twitter,it can be difficult to sort out what is truly relevant to what you are interested in and people who just want to talk about “nothing” to be noticed. The great point to creating good Twitter lists are:

  • they help you build authority within your field of expertise they help you track users who in your opinion are authorities in what they are doing
  • Twitter lists have a great SEO benefit. Why? You are putting another good quality URL that will show up in search engine results, but you have to make sure that your lists are public and use a good keyword phrase in your “list name”

Did you know that can tweet about your lists to your followers? What a great way to show people that you are providing good content and great people to follow!

To learn more about how to use Twitter lists, a video for you to watch and learn from:


Here is a great post by Drew Prindle which will walk you through the process of making a twitter list


The reality is that when it comes to being on social media, we need to stay on top of the game, creating lists will not only keep you organized, but will also make your social networking a lot more productive and who knows maybe making your own social media “lists” will also be profitable.   




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