My social media tip about Marketing and Branding

My social media tip about Marketing and Branding

A social media tip that talks about marketing and branding

Just a short social media thought or tip that I wanted to share. I spend a fair amount of time on G+ and noted a post that Bogdan had done which I am going to put here

Social media tip: G+ post talking about marketing and branding

When it comes to affiliate marketing, understand that while you are promoting products and services, at all times be sure that you are branding yourself to be the most credible, the most trustworthy person you can be!


Some tips for branding yourself should include:

Showing off your expertise ( um try not to be arrogant)

Be helpful by sharing resources that will help others or answer questions if you know the answers

Participate in discussions, leave insightful comments on blogs or any social network

have online chats or hangouts about brand related topics

start a newsletter about your field of interest and expertise


Any questions?


A big thanks to +Bruce Bates as well as Bogdan for giving me the idea for this post and hmmm are any of you on G+ and taking advantage of all the social media marketing tips  that can be found there? If not…why not?



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  • This about nails it. As Bruce said, it’s all about getting the product in front of the people who want to buy them, This is what targeting is all about. And as you so aptly put it, Diane, being an expert in your field and branding yourself as such creates a natural showcase for products that go with your industry. In other words, match the products to your area of expertise, and you match them to your traffic, putting them in front of folks who want to buy.
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