A Social Media Tool: Be more productive with Unroll.me

A Social Media Tool: Be more productive with Unroll.me

A Social media tool  that will help you be more  productive with your emails  called “Unroll.me”


How many of you spend a lot of time going through your email?

How many of you spend even more time sorting out all the newsletters, deals or coupons that flood your inbox on a daily basis?

social media tip use "Rollup" to save all the clicking to delete the pile up of mailWhile we are constantly told that we should never check our email more than twice a day to keep ahead of being productive, I have to be honest and say..help I am drowning in email and I need to keep a constant check on it or I will drown! 

A few years ago, I went to a course about social media and being productive and one of the first things I learned was to delete newsletters that were useless and I did, in fact it took me a couple of months to delete everything and I had this feeling of pride..I sure did! The only problem is I started to collect them again, because good newsletters are great for keeping up with your industry, you have favorite bloggers and my goodness what if you miss that next great deal? So I was  back to the same problem! ( is this a hoarding mentality?)

social media tool to help you not got crazy with email overload

Out of desperation I went on a hunt to find some kind of social media tool that would be of real use and I’m happy to say that I have found the answer!  There is a new social media tool that I have found and now am using and it’s called Unroll.me and when I read these words, I got a smiley face 🙂

Your life is about to become more simple…

Imagine a world where you get deals when you want them and read newsletters when you feel like it.

Envision the absence of social notifications, service updates and free vacation offers.

Well, this is exactly how your inbox should be–with relevant information in one, tidy email that contains the subscription emails you actually want to receive.

With all of your extra time, you just might start to consider those free vacation offers.




Here is how it works

Instead of having a messy mail box, that requires a lot of time of sorting and clicking delete, you receive ONE notification a day from unroll.me ( catchy name by the way)!  This service will help you combine all your selected subscriptions and get them organized into categories, it is mobile friendly and you can see your newsletters in a “list view” or a “grid view”.

Ending email overload….


Just so you know  Unroll.me currently supports Gmail and Yahoo ( I hope they add more services soon), the sign up is painless and they will scan your inbox for all your subscriptions ( um to show you how bad I am with subscriptions I have  had 250 of them…ouch!).  One last point to make is that IF you really need to see a subscription in your email, for example Adlandpro notifications, you can easily set   everything up so that you will still see all the news and happenings right in your email ( something I have done)  What is the cost to have this super social media  productivity tool? FREE! 

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to anything with working online and social media tools, finding the ones that will be the most useful is absolutely needed and anything that will get me away from the danged inbox is a necessity! I hope that you will give Unroll.me a try and let me know how it is working for you…how many subscriptions did you find and was it more than me?

Interesting facts about email

3 minutes of every hour US internet users spend online is spent reading or writing emails via Factbrowser
36% of mobile marketing emails are opened via Factbrowser
Email ad revenue reached $156M in 2012, up from $213M 2011 via Factbrowser
354B corporate emails are sent each day via Factbrowser
29% of the email that reaches a user’s inbox is newsletters – nearly the same amount as “conversational” email via Factbrowser


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