Social Networking the Kris Kringle Way

Social Networking the Kris Kringle Way

 Some people might be wondering at the title of this post “social networking the kris Kringle way” lol and I have to admit that I had thoughts on whether  I should  use a Christmas analogy on this piece ( its not Christmas), but the more I thought about it the more it made perfect sense as that is really what it is all, sharing and helping people solve problems.

Social networking means sharing and caring Social networking for any marketer  has  been the cause of so much confusion where everyone is told they have to engage, they have to  influence others, don’t sell, don’t do this and don’t do that and the list goes on and on.  There are the experts and the “gurus” who will sell you courses on how to use social media and for the most part they will all say the same thing to you… do this, don’t do that and the list goes on and on.  I don’t know about you, but it has had my head reeling!  Don’t get me wrong, you will find nuggets of information from all these people and some of them are darn good, but the fact is, social media has far too many rules of engagement!  Worse yet social media has made many people who market, who are in business feeling almost ashamed of their professions and that is something I do not agree with!

After reading a blog post today by FINISHERCREATIVE  titled  The 4 CRAPPEST Social Media Tips Ever! ( sorry but I still think the word should be spelled “crappiest”) and talking to a couple of good folks on Google+ I came to a realization that we need to stop being so defensive on the fact that we are marketing and we need to start understanding that everything comes down to doing social networking the Kris Kringle way!

Have I lost you yet?

Kris Kringle from the movie Miracle on 34th Street| doing social media the Kris Kringle Way

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I’m sure that you have heard of the movie  Miracle on 34th Street ( I love the 1955 version) – in the movie Kris Kringle the department store Santa Claus did something that had never been done before. He helped people solve problems and he did it without selling. If a person needed a toy and Macy’s did not have it, he referred people to where they could find what they wanted and needed (the original concept of social networking).  The end result was that people kept coming back to Macy’s and became loyal fans.

That is what social media is really all about, helping people solve problems, sometimes helping means referring to others who might have answers, sometimes it  might be seeing a person needing information and getting it for them and sometimes it is saying I have the solution to your problem.

The fact is ( at least to my way of thinking) we are all marketing one way or another, whether it is to be seen as an authority person, a person who is credible or a person selling a product or service.  Its how we social network  that makes the difference and its how we help people solve their problems that will show us as being successful or not.

… Posting links all over the place will not work

… Spamming people all over the place will not work

… Putting the I in everything will not work

What will work?

Doing social networking the Kris Kringle way!

What are your thoughts on social networking – should we continue to deny that we are indeed marketing on social media, is that a bad thing or maybe can we learn to be authentic and honest in what we are doing, but learn how to market in a social way?

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