Stay healthy while working online

Stay healthy while working online

Adlandpro_Bogdan_Fiedur_Tips to stay healthy when being on the computerTo stay healthy while working online is turning out to be a major challenge for many people, considering that we now have more ways to stay connected with social media through laptops, IPads, IPhones etc. and we need to start paying attention! When I wrote the E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop – Introduction (Can your last year’s failure be this year’s success?), I talked a little bit about  health issues ( as you can see below) but I would like to explore this issue a bit more.

 Adlandpro_Bogdan_Fiedur_ how is your health

Have you exercised regularly?
It has been shown that sitting for hours and hours can create such problems as back pain, neck pain and create vision problems.


 Take regular breaks, go for a brisk walk everyday and get out that chair every hour and stroll around

 We were never meant to sit for hours at a time and in fact we we were evolved to be mobile and upright. Over the course of the day as we sit for hours at a time, we end up hunching over ( slumping) because we are getting tired or from poor posture.


  •  Sit in a good adjustable chair that provides lumbar support.
  •  Keep your feet on the floor or on a foot rest
  •  Make sure your desk is large enough so that your forearms can rest on it while typing on the keyboard
  •  Make sure that your keyboard and monitor are at a comfortable height to help you with posture

With more and more people being on mobile from Iphones, Ipads and MP’3’s, a new health issue is emerging – hearing loss and what is being termed as “Blackberry thumb, iPod finger


  • Switch the volume to a level that still allows you to hear someone who is at arm’s length without them having to shout.
  • The CAA recommends stretches such as the Prayer stretch: push your palms and fingers together, then the backs of your hands together, and bend each thumb gently backwards towards your shoulder. These stretches target the small muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand.  

Eyestrain from being on a computer hours on end is something that I think we all can relate to and is a major concern for people who work online and can cause symptoms such as red eyes, eye twitching, headaches and other nasty issues and there is even a name for this problem “Computer Vision Syndrome



  • Make sure that your computer is about an arms length away and position directly in front of your face, not off to the side.
  • Make sure that you have proper lighting.Try the visor test to determine if current lighting is a problem: look at the monitor and cup your hands over your eyes like a baseball cap. If your eyes immediately feel better, then the lighting should be changed.
  •  Blink frequently. It should prevent dry eyes. If that doesn’t work, consider using lubricating eye drops.
  •  Exercise your eyes – look far away at an object for 10-15 seconds, then gaze at something up close for 10-15 seconds. Then look back at the distant object. Do this 10 times  

 Are you eating healthy and avoiding foods which make you sick?

You are what you eat, but when it comes to being on the computer for hours at a time, what you eat may not be wise. According to one study conducted in the U.K people ages 25 – 40 that took food to munch while using the computer for at least 4 hours a day, gained 10lbs – 15lbs in a span of 1 year. Now I’m not so sure of the validity of this fact, but it does not surprise me at all. How many of you get the munchies and get your potato chips, pretzels, candies or whatever and without thinking go munch munch munch? How many of you have your pop ( soda pop) coffee or whatever else you feel like having and drink drink drink? When you are sitting for hours on end and having these kinds of foods or drinks and not getting enough exercise, then problems will happen.

To  stay healthy while working online try these ideas:


  • Be smart and have healthy snacks such as cut up vegetable, nuts and fruits close by
  • Keeping bottled water close to you will be a better alternative to pop or even coffee
  • When you are hungry, leave the desk and go have a small meal ( then be sure to have some exercise while your at it)

The fact is that with any blueprint of success, it requires looking at all factors one of them being staying healthy so that you can work online for hours every day.

What have you been doing to help improve your health?


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