Staying Positive

Staying Positive

I don’t know about you, but towards the end of the month for some reason I get tired and a big grumpy! Staying positive can be a challenge and this got me thinking about all of you who are in business for yourself, either as a marketer or any other kinds of job where you are working online everyday.

Before I get into ways on staying positive, it always helps to have ideas on ways to be productive which of course can lead to being positive when working on line.

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Some of the things that you can do to be productive and thus staying positive are:

a) Remember you are not a robot! Focus on doing one thing at a time and doing it well or as Dr. said to Hawkey Pierce of MASH.. I do one thing, i do it well and then i move on.

b) Create a plan for yourself, then stick with it. For example check your mail at set times otherwise, close the email down!

c) We live by the rule these days of “Creating the list”! For some people this is an easy procress for others it can prove to be challenging. There are some great free apps and software you can use including using paper and pen and placing it somewhere where you wont forget it.

d) I would love to do everything in one day ( kind of reminds me of being superwoman where i can go here, do that all in a single bound. Reality check is..prioritize and do what is possible, learn to become more efficient in what you CAN do then who knows that superman/woman suit could be used for more fun things

…back to staying positive ( hopefully some of the above ideas will be of use to you, let me know if they don’t and share ideas that work better for you -> you do know where the comment form is right?

There are times when I feel that staying positive has to do with creating a good mindset and I know when you are having to meet deadlines, having to get in those reports or getting your online inventory up to date etc, that mindset of staying positve can be a bit of a challenge.


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Here are just some of the ways I have been staying positive even when I feel like curling into a ball and hiding in a closet.

1. Take care of yourself! I have to admit this has been one of the most challenging tasks I have had to learn becuase you are talking to the Queen of junk food, fast food, coffee and who needs sleep?
Since the accident I have had to make some very extreme( to me) changes such as my diet. While I still find a way to have potato chips ( does organic potatoe chips count? lol). I have become more a vegatarian <gasp>, I have cut down the coffee to 2 cups a day..ya okay maybe 4 some days – <do I hear the world swoon?> and I am learning how to sleep. It has not been easy in any way, but I will say that I am feeling better, I apparently glow to those who see me ( no I am not radio active) and I am a lot more positive in everything I do.

While I dont suggest that you go so extreme, I do suggest that you look at your diet, your coffee consumption and yep learning how to sleep better.
2. I know many people will <with a very serious look> say you need to have a plan, you need to be organized. While I wont look so serious, I will say, staying positive really does mean having a plan and being more organized. Choose your prioritites, clean up your where you are working and guess what, don’t sweeat the small stuff.

3. Pay it Forward. Okay now this may seem like a challenge if you are working online, its not so easy to bake cookies and bring them to an office, yet it has been shown time and time again that when you do acts of kindness, you feel better, your health is better and what a great way to staying positive. Here are a few idea on how you can pay it forward when you are marketing online.
– support people who are blogging and leave them a well thought out comment. Trust me people love to know they are being heard.
– mention a person on Twitter and say hi to them. Acknowlege what they are doing, people love and need to feel appreciatated
– when someone comes up with a good idea, let them know and support their efforts
– help a person who may be confused by marketing, or anything else for that matter

Helping others just feels good and that ripple effect will trickle back to you..hows that for being positive?

4. Sometimes staying positive means being kinder and nicer to yourself. This is another one of those…easier to say and much harder to do situations. If I can find a fault in myself, you can bet I will find it. I have been learning that I need to be a better friend to me, so I have started ( actually I started a while back) to writing down at least 3 things i do everyday that made me feel good, where i did well on different tasks and even writing down if I smiled that day.
We get so caught up with our work, our needing to get ahead, we forget these simple ways of staying positive.
5. Apart from using less muscles and learning to smile more, I dont care if they are cheesy smiles, cute smile or any other kind of smiles, have you considered the words you are using in regards to YOU? For example when someone via chat, email etc ask you how you do you respond? For me I have always deflected away from the “how are you” as I don’t like to lie and there have been days I just have felt shitty! I normally will way, “oh, I’m fine” or “not tood bad” or other such wordings.. OUCH! if you want to seriously start staying positive, you need to change how you say things. I dont recomment lying if you truly are having a difficult day, but it sure would not hurt to say..”I’m doing great” or “I am having an awesome morning/aftertnoon”.. Start becoming more excited for yourself and you will see others become excited for you also!
Staying Positive truly is not rocket science and can be done…how are you staying positive?




  • Here’s a post with ideas worth taking to heart. It’s a “rubber hits the road” issue when I back up by car out of my parking stall, which I’ve probably done a thousand time without incident, so just when I need go out with it to show somebody who wants to buy it, I scratch the rear fender. Now the challenge is, how do I stay positive. Skipping lunch didn’t help but I survived to write this.
    Keep up the great job – Diane.

    • oh my goodness are you serious Rudy?

      I guess finding the positive to such a situation is that you now have time to really detail the car so that you can show to people? Ya pretty lame, but it was the first thing i could think of.

      Sometimes when one is faced with adversity, all you can really do is laugh.. it sure doesn’t solve anything to get upset over it, although I can guess at some of the vocabulary used ( my ears went red lol)

      I hope the damage is fixable and lol I guess there is another positive, you had the time to read and comment
      ~Thanks Rudy


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