Adlandpro Friday New|Stories from the Wall

Adlandpro Friday New|Stories from the Wall

Stories from the wall is our theme for this weeks edition of the Friday News from Adlandpro

It has been a very busy week for many people and I thought it would be fun to share some of the highlights from the Adlandpro wall. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our wall, you are really missing out on some great stories and sharing by our members.

One of the funniest videos that we saw was from Jim Allen with his How to grow Chocolae M&Ms – from your garden. I just know that anyone with a sweet tooth is going to enjoy this gardening project

One of the best riddles this week came from Hafiz with the question
What is the answer? There seems to be a debate about how to answer this by the way, can you help out?
Adlandpro wall  post sharing a riddel
David Rowland is a bit of a jokster and here is his message to Jim Allen “Jim, a little birdy told me you like peep shows, so here’s one for ya…..”

sharing stories on the Adlandpro wall

Arlene Clabo shared an interesting post about Cinnamon for weight loss and by the way Happy Birthday Arlene as well a hearty congratulations for winning the Credit contest for the month of March. Sharing stories on the wall can be fun and a great way to earn credits just by sharing and joining in on the fun of the wall, forums and the  blogging community.


Edward Patterson who is into health not to mention sharing some very awesome recipes shared a good health post about the benefits of drinking lemon water
health benefits of drinking lemon water
We can always count on Edna Roger Boisjoli to share his favorite quotes such as…
“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”
— Abraham Maslow, Psychologist

Luis Miguel goitizolo when not being involved in his art forums takes the time to get on the wall to share birthday wishes like this one to Nellie
happy birthday wishes on the Adlandpro Wall

There is so much going on the wall from Sadia, Christina, Sandra and so many others this blog post could go on forever. Why don’t you come on in and share your  stories on the wall and join in the fun today


I almost forgot the recipe corner… this is another share on the wall from Jim Allen

sharing a recipe via LifeHacker on the wall
Have a great week everyone and I hope that you enjoyed this edition of the Friday News and to leave you with an inspirational quote that was shared by Anthony Cairns

sharing stories on wall happiness quote





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