Less is Better

Less is Better

January 1, 2014 9 Comments on Less is Better

One of the reasons many people in this old world are unhappy is not because they don’t have enough (though that might be true), but because they’re not satisfied with what they have. Every time they look at the person next to them, they see someone with something they want. That makes them unhappy.

I’m Blogging.  Now What?

I’m Blogging. Now What?

May 23, 2013 7 Comments on I’m Blogging. Now What?

People ask me all the time what the secret is to making money as an affiliate. It may seem flippant at first glance, but I usually say, “Targeted traffic.”

But that really IS the secret to making money as an affiliate. Everything you do in affiliate marketing hinges on getting targeted traffic to see your offer. Otherwise, you’re as invisible as a polar bear in a blizzard.


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