Take the Marketing Challenge

Take the Marketing Challenge, if you dare!


by Dave Cottrell


Take the marketing challenge;  it could change your life.


I have a challenge for you that I think the majority of people trying to make money online should really take me up on.  I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

First, let me get this off my chest…

Once again, I open my mail and see yet another program being promoted by fiends – I mean “friends” from various popular social media communities who will probably NEVER make a thin dime with it, but who WILL pay money out of their pockets to the parent company, WILL put money into the pockets of someone in their upline, and WILL end up being disillusioned once again about network marketing in general.

Yes, I am speaking of yet another powerline opportunity, where all you have to do is join and you will make an unbelievable fortune with no work and no money ever… Right after you first buy this nice bridge I have for sale…

 Take the marketing Challenge

Never, never, never, never, never believe any company or person who tells you that you can make money in an online marketing business without doing any work!  They are lying to you!  I don’t know how to say it much clearer than this:  Do not believe all the hype!  I don’t care HOW easy the website or the caller or the person who sent you the email says it’s going to be, or how little work they say you’re going to have to do, or how much money they promise you you’re going to make;  they are lying to you!

Here are the facts: The average person involved in any network marketing opportunity, online or off, will sponsor three or less people in their lifetime!  Those are solid statistics, and they are universal. Only a few ever learn how to sponsor any more than that and many never even sponsor three.

Read the rules!  You know… the thing called the “compensation plan…”

Most of these hyped-up programs will not pay you until you sponsor three or more paid members. Almost all of the best network marketing programs – AKA, MLMs, will not pay you until you have sponsored at least two paid members and often more.

If you have not learned how to sponsor people, it is a waste of time and money for you to invest time and money into any program at all. You might just as well take your money and throw it into a fire. You’ll get the same results, guaranteed.

Do not believe anyone who tells you any different – whether they know it or not (and many do not, because they have been lied to, as well), they are not telling you the truth.

Here’s the challenge. Join the Adlandpro Affiliate Program. You can see my custom affiliate page at http://www.classifiedadland.com .  It is so super simple to join, you’ll wonder why everybody isn’t doing it.  (Trust me, they are not.  Most are too lazy.)

It’s FREE to join and you do not have to upgrade to make money. In other words, you never, ever have to pay a membership fee. This company is interested in selling a product, advertising – not in paying people to recruit.  Once you sign up, you are in business with your very own Adlandpro Affiliate business.

This company DOES pay you commissions on the business generated by people you sponsor and people they sponsor down two levels, plus residuals down two levels. It’s a very good and realistic compensation plan, and the company pays.  (They pay me; they will also pay you.)

Here’s the reason I specifically want you to join this company:  I challenge you to join a truly free opportunity and then sponsor three people into that business.

If you do that, you will be on your way to building a real business, and you will not be out of pocket to find out if you can do it.

You are NOT guaranteed to make money by sponsoring three people, but you are definitely not going to lose money doing it!

Do you like golf?  What’s one of the most important things you’ve probably heard about golf?  Yep.  Follow through on your swing.  The number one reason people don’t make any money with the Adlandpro Affiliate program is because they don’t follow through.  I can see that so easily from my own stats.  I have a big, long list of people I have sponsored who haven’t qualified as an affiliate, and you know why?  They haven’t followed through.  They have never set up their “cut-and-paste” custom page or even put up a single Adlandpro Affiliate link.  How do they think they can possibly make money like that?  If you’re going to take the marketing challenge, follow through!

The next challenge is this:  Make at least thirty dollars with this company in the next ninety days.  I know you might think that’s ridiculous, but let me ask you:  Have you ever made a profit in online marketing?

Thirty dollars may not seem like very much, but in this case, it’s thirty dollars profit, and here’s a fact you can take to the bank, literally:  If you can earn thirty dollars online, you can earn any amount you want. You simply repeat what you did to earn the thirty dollars, repeat what you did to sponsor those first three people, and it will grow.

Note that you will have to work very hard to do this without spending any money on advertising.

Here are some handy free tools, courtesy of your friends at Adlandpro.com:


  1. Free Traffic Builders
  2. Free Downloads
  3. Marketing/Promotion Discussion List with 23,000 subscribers
  4. Free Web Pages
  5. Free Marketing Course by Email
  6. Free Ads

Make a request in the comments, below, to ask for tips about these and other free advertising tools that will help you get started.  You can get a free website to host your Adlandpro Custom Page on, here.

Did you decide to take the marketing challenge?  Good!  Here is the final challenge in THE MARKETING CHALLENGE:  Teach others to do the same thing.

When you sponsor other Adlandpro Affiliates, you are multiplying your business.  Therefore, if you make thirty dollars in your first ninety days, you teach the affiliates you sponsor how to do the same thing.

Note that you should not expect that everyone who signs up through your link as an affiliate is going to do something.  Most will not.  They are looking for that one BIG nugget, the elusive mother lode, that they are never going to find, and they are never going to be worth even trying to work with.  They don’t want to work.  They want instant riches with no work and no sponsoring.

Instead, look for three people to work with.  That’s the height of the industry average, so make that your immediate goal, something like your monetary goal of thirty dollars in your first ninety days.  Remember, Noah had no experience, at all, in ark building when he started, and it took him a hundred years to build it, but thankfully, he took the challenge, never quit, and here we all are, today!

Just like you build a house (or in Noah’s case, an ark) plank by plank, nail by nail, you build a successful business one step at a time, too.   The thirty dollar challenge is the first plank in the marketing challenge.  The three sponsored and active affiliates are the next plank.  Helping them to each make thirty dollars in their first ninety days is the next plank.  And so on.  And so on.

Everything you do that works is something you should carefully teach those whom you sponsor to do.  When you have success, teach them to do and how to do exactly the same thing that worked for you.

Note that there is another challenge that you might have to face that’s also fairly common.  As you sponsor more and more active affiliates, you are going to find some who will jump right in, get qualified, and then try to reinvent the wheel.  Let them do what they want.  They will probably fail, but if you try to push them to do it your way, they will likely push back, and you can spend endless amounts of time (and stress), trying to deal with people like that.

Let these over enthusiastic, and probably over egotistical newbies do their own thing.  They will either fail, the most common outcome, or they may turn out to be geniuses who will teach you something and help you get to the next level!

As for you… take the challenge, now.  Get started today.  Don’t procrastinate any longer.  You don’t need any money to get going.

I urge you to take this challenge!  If you happen to fail, and I guarantee a lot of people will, you will not be out of pocket in another hyped-up quick-buck scheme, and you will know that there’s no point in putting your money into anything else where online marketing and/or sponsoring people is a part of the qualification.  Ignore this challenge, keep believing the hype, and I guarantee you will have no money, large debts, and no hope.



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  • Great article Dave. I went to you link for your ADLand page and it first came up 505.
    Does anyone edit or monitor the ads. When one goes to a category most all ads have NO relevance.
    I wonder if that creates a negative feeling for those interested?
    Just a thought for making more dynamic and usefull
    Chuck Bartok recently posted…Is Content really King?My Profile

    • Hello Chuck, I jut want to refer to your comments in regards to ads being monitored. Yes they are monitored for content and there are filters which catch ads we wold not want on our site. You are mentioning that ads are not relevant. Please contact me on community and show where you have found ads being irrelevant. We have over 270,000 car ads which are categorized to various body types and this is pretty much 99% accurate. The same is with jobs over 260,00, and 201,000 real estate. There are section in Pets which are 100% accurate. I have also reviewed section for sale and services which for most part provide relevant listings. I’m not sure where you were looking. Let me know I would like to see where you found those ads, so we can improve our monitoring procedures.

    • Chuck, thank you for your comments. I think Bogdan has answered the question about ad relevance.
      Regarding the 505 error: WordPress was doing a major upgrade on all WordPress platforms, so that is likely why that came up.
      Dave Cottrell recently posted…Colours of LifeMy Profile

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  • That was well said! I can relate about the false-flagging gurus! They will sell you a fairy tale to join them.
    Once they got your money! On to the next one! We have to learn by trial and error. Glad I did my
    research and learn alot about network marketing.

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