Targeting your audience

Targeting your audience


What do street musicians and targeting your audience have in common?

Yesterday I had an appointment and had to use the bus system ( by the way a shout out to the Edmonton bus transit – you guys rock!) and while sitting at a light I glanced over and saw one of the many street musicians standing at a corner playing his guitar and I could hear his singing in the bus. It was interesting to be able to hear him, but my attention was drawn to the people walking by, many ignoring him a few glancing over and there were two people standing in front of this gentleman listening with interest.

It reminded me of a video I saw ( which I am putting below) where another man, this one famous,  stood in a train station and played his music.

When Targeting your audience, how can one street musician or famous musician be compared to targeting visitors?

When I watched these two men and noted how people were ignoring, glancing and in the case of the man I saw yesterday, the two people interested, I realized that marketing, affiliate marketing has similar issues..the ignoring the glancing and getting the one , two or three people interested enough to want to listen and hear what you have to say.

Online when you are marketing, you need to think of these kinds of things and learn how to target to get those people interested in what you are doing.

Now while there is this huge debate of SEO versus social media, I have come the conclusion we need both to get people not only interested in what we are doing, but become interested enough to  listen to what we have to say.

SEO target your audience

When it comes to SEO we need to pay attention to such things as keywords, meta tags and all the other details that will help get your site seen by the search engines.
If you are understanably confused by the terms of Seo I highly suggest you read:
SEO Guide – A Day At SEO Kindergarten For Beginners  
The Beginners Guide to SEO 

social media to target your audience

When it comes to targeting your audience you also need Social media! The way I look at social media by the way (apart from the fun aspect) is that it will boost your SEO efforts and some handy tips would be

1. Optimizing your social profiles on the networks you are choosing to use. By the way and a small side note, if you are a member of Adlandpro, then using your “about me” should be also optimized so that people will know who you are. A good and useful post to read about social profiles is SEO boost your social media profiles by Alex Chris that will help you get your social profiles up to date.
2. Build your followers targeting your niche ( main topic). A trick many people do is follow the followers of a popular person. Join groups or circles of people who are interested in similar topics as you and then join in the discussions.
3. Content! We all talk about it, but a simple truth is that without creating content that will want to get people interested in you, then why would people want to listen to you? Social media has changed the face of targeting your potential customers and content is the best way to answer a persons question, build trust and and interact with people in a meaningful way. A small factiod is that almost 2/3 of consumers are researching products and services before they buy anything. Creating that content will be seen is imperative to tareting the viewer and more important where they will want to target you!
4. Target your audience by sharing. From sharing buttons on your site, to writing great content on the various networks and using different blogging or writing platforms such as the Blogging community on Adlandpro,sharing your viewpoints and sharing what others in your niche are talking about is just common sense.

If you wish to know about good targeting tools, then I suggest you read Rob Petersen’s post 16 targeting tools to find your audience in social media.

Whether you are a street musician or an internet marketer learning how to target your audience with SEO AND social media is important if you want to get more customers. How are you targeting your audience?


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