The Concept of Referral Traffic

The Concept of Referral Traffic

The difference between the act of getting referral traffic and the concept behind referral traffic

Referral marketing understanding the concept of the chicken and the egg

After writing about referral traffic yesterday, I realized that for many people, understanding the concept of referral traffic has people talking about links, poor linking, bad linking, spam linking and referral tracking.

All of these points are important and we all need to be aware of these topics without a doubt, but the concept of referral traffic is more to do with your thinking of how to get people to see something so that it will convert to a given action..buying a product, seeing your point of view.
Some people call referral traffic, “word of mouth marketing” and when you understand this particular concept then you will automatically not spam or do poor linking practices.
To me the act of getting referral traffic means using different resources or websites that will get people to come to our site and do an action.

The concept behind referral traffic means that you need to be clear and have a defined goal of people seeing you or your product where they will trust what you are saying so that they can then come to your site and then do that action of buying from you.

Is this a case of the chicken or the egg mentality?

To me the answer is no..

In simple terms, unless you understand the concept of what referral traffic means, then you could use all the resources in the world and it will not help you in any way.
Am I right or wrong here… you tell me!


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