Those Pesky Surveys

Those Pesky Surveys

Those Pesky Surveys

(… and Web Polls)                                                 by guest blogger, Dave Cottrell

How many times in a week do you get asked to take a survey or answer a poll? The chances are very good that if you’ve been online for any length of time at all, you get such requests at least weekly.

What is the difference between a poll and a survey?

Doing Surveys are important to help you with your user experienceThat is an excellent question and the simple answer is, a survey is generally longer than a poll. Polls often have only one or two questions, whereas a survey usually has many questions, and can be any length.

A poll is used gather a sampling of opinions from a group of people for the purpose of analysis, such as often happens during an election campaign, when a company wants to know how people intend to vote. It may also be done to see if a selected (or random) group of people like the flavour of a new soft drink or which new design for a new city library is preferred, or which slogan is the one that fits people’s idea of a company, and so on. It is usually quite short with only one or two questions.

A survey can be very general, but is most often used for a more in depth study of a particular issue, company, policy, program, etc. Surveys can be almost any length, from very short to very long, depending on how deep the creators of the survey wish to delve into the particular issue they are studying. (Of course, the longer the survey is, the more difficult it is to get people to complete the survey, which is why companies that specialize in doing surveys for other companies often offer incentives to people to complete surveys for them.)

What is the point?

Surveys and polls are important tools used by companies to understand how people are thinking and what they want. In today’s fast paced and every changing world, there is a great danger for a company to become so out of touch with their customers that they begin to lose their hard-earned market share to their competition in a cycle that can spell death to their company if it is not reversed. Surveys and polls will tell a company what will make their clients most happy and/or comfortable with their company over the competition.

Should you be interested?

The short answer is, yes. By taking a few minutes to answer a survey or poll from a company you do business with or whose services you use, you help to make the company better able to provide what you want.

This is one of the truest types of “win-win” situations. The company does more business and is a stronger company because they are able to provide what you want, and you are happy to stay with that company and are spared the time and trials of looking elsewhere, because you have what you want where you already do business. In turn, because you’re happy with the company, you’re comfortable with recommending it to others, who also do business with it, and the company also wins. has been providing free classified ads since 1998, has developed a strong and profitable affiliate program, and has one of the earliest and most loyal social communities on the internet that continues to grow. One of the things that has helped the company to grow while maintaining its strong base is input from the affiliates, clients and community.

Right now, is running two surveys and a poll to gather information that will aid in future programs and improvements. You are invited to participate! They will only take a couple of minutes, and will provide valuable insight.

The Social Network Survey – provides insight into the types of things that people are looking for on social networks

The Adlandpro Website Survey – will show what Adlandpro is doing right with the website and what the members would like to see changed or imporved.

The Adlandpro Slogan Poll  – many people remember a company for many years, even long after they last dealt with the company, by their slogan. This poll offers several choices of slogans, plus a way to suggest a new one.

The Adlandpro Affiliate Target Market Analysis – will provide valuable information to help improve, upgrade, update and increase the profitability of the Adlandpro Affiliate program for affiliates.

Your input is very valuable, and well worth the few minutes it takes to give. By participating in surveys and polls, you can partner with the company you already enjoy doing business with, and have a part in making it even better.





Guest article is by Dave Cottrell,  Adlandpro’s affiliate manager.  Dave has been selling online and blogging for many years.  His Tahltan name is Klagoosh.  He is an outdoorsman, writer, online marketer, preacher, grandfather and former heavy duty mechanic.

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