Tips on how to Repurpose Content

Tips on how to Repurpose Content

Repurpose your content! Some thoughts and tips on how to make your posts original and unique


I noticed a post  that Jeff Beeman had asked over on Google plus where he also asked this question –

” How many times can you come up with original content for one subject over and over again?”

When I read his post ( I won’t give it all away), he basically was saying something that I have thought to myself many times – how many ways can I keep saying the same things about the same topics and still be original.  Speaking only for myself, I have found myself frustrated by this many times!

After some serious consideration and realizing that if everything already exists, being  original is not really a matter of coming up with something new, its more a matter of using your imagination to take what has already been said and putting them together in a new way, in other words make that content unique!


Repurpose content to become original again
If you follow this thought to its conclusion, then the question becomes how many ways can I repurpose  content to make it fresh or interesting?. To me repurposing content solves a big problem  so that I may indeed be telling the same story, but by tweaking it, adding to it and even changing parts of it, all of a sudden I have fresh content for people who will be interested in what I have to say.  I have made that content unique and thus it is a form of originality.

Ways to Repurpose content

  • Pinterest Pinterest is a terrific way to drive traffic to you content. A great image or a quote with that perfect description and hashtags works very well for repurposing you content and will drive traffic to your blog or website
  •  Curate your post onto by adding a new insight to your post you have just created fresh content
  •  How many times have you gone to a site to download a white paper. This is a very good way to repurpose that post you did and if you can add to it, so much the better
  •  Turn that post into a slideshare. I have seen this being done very successfully on all kinds of topics and again what a way to drive traffic to your blog
  •  Convert your content to audio and share with your readers when they are driving to work etc.

Of course there are the other ways

 Turning a series of related posts into an e-book
 Repurpose your content into a great and powerful guest post

…and I’m sure that you can think of other ways

Maybe the mindset of being original needs to be rethought and changed to being unique and that might  not be so hard after all, but it does take work and creating a sound strategy to make it all come together. When you repupose  content you will find it a great way to stop the frustration feeling that you have nothing of value to share.


Do you repurpose content?  What are your tips and how is it working for you?

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  • Hi Diane, These are very valuable pointers. Big companies are selling constantly products which are basically the same thing, just packaged differently with a label New.

    Human mentality is such that we as a humans like to be surprised. If there is no surprise than things quickly get obsolete and we have to start searching for the next new thing. Progress is one of those. Progress is simply something new and of course this implies better which very often is just theory.

    I guess you can create perception of things being better by e.g. just using colors. I remember case when one company marketed pink tuna over white tune. No obvious benefits, just color.

    The same applies to beers and drinks.

    Repackaging old things and giving them new names is a way to bring attention to something which has been already said and it needs to be said again.

    • I remember a movie that Sidney Poitier called “To Sir with love, not sure if you saw it or have heard of it, it was done in 1967. While it had a serious story to it, there is one part I remember very well. The kids were dressed ( so they thought) outlandishly to rebel and be different, but when they went on a school outing to a museum, they saw that while they thought that what they were doing was unique they realized that it had already been done before.
      Yes there might be many times when a person feels “down” and they have nothing new to say, but with a twitch a tweak and even a different long as what you are writing is of value, there will always be a new audience to show it to 🙂

      Thanks for you feedback Bogdan, appreciated
      Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…How can you repurpose content to be unique again?My Profile

  • What a great topic. This is what I’ve often resorted to when dealing with that most dreaded disease among bloggers… writer’s block. What I didn’t realize is how positive it can actually be. Thanks for some great ideas you can bet I’m going to use!


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