Top 3 Ways to Create Traffic to your Affiliate Program

Top 3 Ways to Create Traffic to your Affiliate Program

Create Traffic to your Affiliate Program

Many people ask about how to get traffic to their affiliate product, service or blog and for many people it is an issue that rears its (ugly) head on a daily basis.

When I read Branka’s Babic’s AdlandPro thread this morning, I thought it would be a good time to talk about how to create traffic without being spammy or compromising your ethics. When you read what Branka is saying, you will note a couple of things:

Branka Babic gives her tip for creating traffic

1. Being active. For anyone who is business, the fact is if you are not promoting your primary business consistently, then nothing will happen.

2. Believing in your business. When you read what Branka is saying, what comes through loud and clear is her “passion” and that is one of the most compelling reasons for people to visit ( in her case AdlandPro) your primary business. It really is not Rocket science 🙂

Are there other things that can be done to help create traffic to your Affiliate Program?
You can:

1. Be helpful – if someone is asking a question online ( and you know the answer) then provide good information to them and no you dont have to promote your link, just help them! The result is that people will see you as being credible and this will earn you traffic to your primary business.

2. A simple way to earn traffic is by adding social sharing buttons to your site. We all have heard this, but why go to that effort? I think we assume that because we have written the most stellar and amazing content for our readers, they will just want to share it. The reality is that people are so busy, people really do forget. Making it easier to share with easy to see sharing buttons and within our content using words like ” if you like this post then share ….” is a simple way to create traffic back to our primary business.

3. Invest in your blog. I am going to assume you have a blog..oops you don’t? If you are going to be an affiliate marketer, marketer or be in any kind of business for youself, yes you need a blog! Blogging is the best way to showcase you and to showcase your primary business. The thing about business blogs is the quality of the content that you produce. When you publish high quality posts consistently, you are building a relationship with your readers, When you give good information that will be useful, the you will get people (visitors) wanting to come back time and time again. There are many ways to create a free blog that are easy to use

The great thing about these three services is that they are FREE to use, all them have paid upgrades ( if you want), you can create traffic to your site by liking and commenting on other blogs within their systems AND they are all highly Search Engine friendly.
These are just a few ways for you to start creating traffic to your affiliate program and if you can think of more, then I would really enjoy hearing about them. Don’t be shy, use the comment form below and let me know your thoughts.

P.S When you leave a comment on other blogs, you can also put in your link to your blog…another way to get traffic back to YOU!



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Bogdan Fiedur President of . Full stack developer and entrepreneur. Since the beginning of 2016 involved in "Smart Contract" design and implementation for Ethereum using Solidity. Knowledgeable in all aspects of e-commerce website, back-end and front-end. Co-founded Bitjob and served as an advisor and core team member for projects like,, or

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  • Bogdan,
    Great article, as always but I differ in one area.
    Invest in your blog.
    for sure…..
    But ….
    There are many ways to create a free blog that are easy to use
    It is so Inexpressive less than $50 year to have a powerful Self Hosted WordPress Blog/website and you know there is no one ever able to “censor” your activity. (at least not Now)
    I labored for a couple years with the FREE sites and when I bit the bullet and spent $45 for my own hosting (up to five domains), my activity and SEO really increased.
    Anyone else notice a difference?
    Chuck Bartok recently posted…What does it take to Apply the Business Mindset?My Profile

    • Hi Chuck, thanks for commenting. By investing in your blog I meant to put an effort in it and consistently publish content. Build yourself up and don’t relay on tools provided by businesses you might be promoting, which might be gone next year. Yes you can use free tools available as there are many out there which are solid solutions. As you go, you can add paid components once you understand why you need them.

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  • Thank you Bogdan! I was happy to learn something new today and everyday about a subject that I am passionate about, TRAFFIC! I have shared it with my friends and followers on Facebook, Google + Twitter and Linkedin!


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