Traffic exchanges and Affiliate marketing

Traffic exchanges and Affiliate marketing

Do traffic exchanges have any place in affiliate marketing?

are traffic exchanges a waste of time

I have been doing a lot of thinking about traffic exchanges and not just for affiliate marketing, but also with the advent of social media marketing and have a confession to make, until very recently, I considered traffic exchanges to be a total waste of time and they need to go the way of the dodo bird!

Don’t shoot me yet lol

My reasoning for not liking traffic exchanges came from not getting traffic or poor quality traffic, I spent hours every day surfing and while it was addictive, I never had a sign up for anything and it seemed to me that people just join them to click for the credits being offered and NO ONE was looking at the content being offered. Adding insult to injury at least for me was the sheer amount of spammy or crappy junk being shown and I shook my head and thanks!
What I have learned recently has been that my own attitude and aversion to traffic exchanges(based on my experiences) had created a road block for me and I needed to come from a different point of view or thinking.

Where was I going wrong? Just about everything to be honest! The first thing I needed to do was understand the psychology to this form of traffic generating tool…

Traffic exchanges help to build your own list of business prospects for the now and for the future. You do this not by selling anything, but by creating curiosity about what you are doing.


Create a squeeze page to capture a visitors name and email address. Make sure you have a simple headline, a very short description and and opt in form for an autoresponder. ( P.S remember you have literally seconds to get a persons attention, so spend the time now to get this right!)

Another huge mistake  I made was not realizing that traffic exchanges is very similar to social media marketing in that the power of a TE is about building your personal brand! Yes really! When you put your name and picture everywhere you go,when you learn to stand out, people will start remembering you and just like a house-hold name like “Microsoft”, people will start looking to you for information and will trust you to give them good ideas or suggestions.


I have now come to the conclusion that Traffic exchanges can be a very useful tool but like using social media when you are an affiliate marketer  you need to learn how to use  this “tool”  properly and for the right reasons.  What has been your experience with Traffic exchanges and which ones work best for you?


1. A word of Advice –  if you have adsense on your blog or website, do not use these sites/pages on any traffic exchange or Google will disable your account.

While traffic exchange services may help bring traffic to your site, we don’t recommend using them, as they may lead to invalid clicks or impressions and result in your account being disabled.”

2. If you are using more than one Traffic exchange and I hope that you are checking to be sure that the traffic exchanges you are using are good ones, then surfing so many exchanges can take up a good chunk of your time. There is a tool that I had heard about years ago and have checked to see if it is still around called Crazy Browser.  Crazybrowser allows you to have multiple tabs open, and provides easy scrolling between each one, making it very easy to surf multiple exchanges at once. This is a freeware tool but if you want to make a donation, they will not say no.  Here is the download link if this is something you would be interested in -> Crazy Browser

Crazy Browser Quick Look Video by

3. Just like anything you do or will do when affiliate marketing, the words never give up needs to be at the top of your thoughts.  Just because something is not working right away, does not mean you are wrong or something is a waste of time.  Often times it means learning more about a tool or product, learning how to make a tool work for you and being consistent and patient – after all Rome was not built in a day 🙂



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  • Hi Paul and like you I have had many issues with traffic exchanges or TE for short. It wasn’t until I hearing from some good friends who use traffic exchanges on a regular basis, that I realized that maybe I was missing something and went back to look at this “tool” again.

    As I said in the post… the problem for me was not understanding the concept and how to use TE’s in a way that would be useful. I love using social media and have noted many people do not understand how to use this medium in a way that will be useful..the same goes for traffic exchanges. There are so many TE’s out there, finding the ones that would be good would be the trick, so if anyone has a list of the proven exchanges that work, would be nice to know 🙂

    I downloaded the crazy browser onto my computer and gave it a try and so far so good, nothing is freezing up and I have to admit its kind of cool.

    Thanks for the feedback…
    Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…Parenting Tip – What is the Secret Word?My Profile

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  • Thank you Bogdan and Diane for sharing this great article. I have used Traffic Exchanges for many years with great results. It can like you said Diane be kind of addicting. It should be kept in perspective. I have written extensively on this subject in a blog called Super Surfing Secret Lessons ( A good blog but it needs to be updated….maybe later today) and Ken Wolff’s Blog on Credits. There is a new way of surfing which includes relationship development by chatting with your friends while surfing. I have picked up a lot of signups in the programs I am promoting with this technique. I have used multiple pages and multiple tabs on some pages for years in Firefox…I am trying to get used to using this technique in Chrome but have much to learn there.
    Ken Wolff recently posted…Super Surfing Secret LessonsMy Profile

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  • I surf T/E’s all the time and get quite a good response. That’s all after I learned to quit offering a sales page or affiliate page for people to look at! Instead, a Splash Page of Lead Capture Page works really well as it loads QUICKLY. If you surf at all… you’re certain to find pages that do NOT have time to load before the timer runs down and you’re off to earning the next credit before you know what was coming on the screen.

    Also, surfing the BEST T/E’s (most responsive) will boost your morale as some T/E’s will barely ever get you a referral or signup where others will constantly send you new members. The top sites at TE Hoopla and Affiliate Funnel seem to do the best for me.

  • I like your ideas! Especially :”TE is about building your personal brand!” – I absolutely agree with this piont. That’s why I use name “SORA” when I write comments. It is a great way to put the name of your site to the people’s minds and build a strong brand.


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