Twitter Lessons of Thou Shall Not…..

Twitter Lessons of Thou Shall Not…..

“Thou shall not…”  is a phrase that has been used for many lessons in life and Twitter is no exception to the rule.   When I was writing Email Marketing Vs Social Marketing I mentioned a few ways that I felt Twitter was being misused and in the back of my mind I was thinking of all the other ways that people keep doing things wrong on Twitter and today when I watched a person “clog the twitter stream” it gave me the perfect example of “thou shall not hog the twitter stream”  and other twitter lessons that   I would like to share….


image of twitter tip by Bogdan FiedurA twitter hog to me is like a road hog, you know one of those drivers who drives in such a way that they overlap the lanes and you cant get by them and you cant do a darn thing except maybe beep your horn. A twitter hog is one of those people who on twitter over tweets and they clog up your twitter stream and the only way to beep the horn is either yell or unfollow them. My twitter lesson for you  is over tweeting or tweeting every few seconds or minutes is something to avoid at all costs


Thou shall not pollute twitter stream image My next twitter lesson is “Thou shall not pollute the Twitter stream”. This may sound odd, but honestly do I want to hear about your experience with what you ate ( unless it is a good review of a restaurant) the game you are watching right now or any other trivial information

thou shall not overuse hashtags twitter tip image by Bogdan FiedurThou shall not over use hashtags. There is a semi funny saying hashtagitis for those poor souls who cant help themselves when they tweet. Try to limit yourself to 2 hashtags and only if they are relevant. This leads me to…

Thou shall not use irritating or silly hashtags Twitter tip image by Bogdan FiedurThou shall not use irritating or silly hashtags. Use hashtags that are relevant to the topic. If you need help finding appropriate hashtags go to  A little factoid for you – did you know that in France you are no longer allowed to say the word hashtag?  If you go to France you have to use the word “mot-dièse”, which translates to ‘sharp word’ in English. You may not be prosecuted but apparently it is now a legal requirement for any French official correspondence and legislation to use ‘mot-dièse’ instead. Does this seem #awesome or #silly to you?

The 6 most irritating ways to use hashtags on Twitter by Jasmine Henry


Thou shall not have a potty mouth on twitter image| Bogdan Fiedur  Does anyone really need to learn this twitter lesson? No one needs nor wants to hear the foul language on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter. Twitter is a social platform where people do pay attention to what is being said and respecting each other is important if you want to be seen in any credible manner.  I would add that potty mouth can also include abusive tweets or aggressive tweets.  Remember the adage of “Tweet others the way you would like yourself to be tweeted” should be your guiding force in all you do

Thou shall not be a show off on Twitter image Bogdan FiedurWe all know you are unique and wonderful, but hearing you brag all the time or talk about yourself ( or your business all the time) is useless information and I  refer you back to “thou shall not pollute the twitter stream”  Talk about what you are doing because it is important, but remember to  pay attention to your followers, remember to thank them when they mention you and show interest in what they are doing.  Twitter truly is about reciprocity and when done correctly, your time on Twitter will become a very enjoyable as well as a profitable  experience.

O.K folks those are my twitter lessons for today –  it’s your turn what is your “Thou shall not…..”



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