Ways to Brand Yourself

how are you Branding yourself?


When you see the cartoon above, is this how you think about branding yourself?  The fact is there are many ways to brand yourself unless you want to hide in a cave and not be noticed.

I know that some people when they hear the term “branding yourself” they tend to groan as it has become a buzz word for many without meaning or context. To be honest I feel the same way at times, but I have to admit that this is great term if you understand the concept and until someone comes up with a better term  “branding yourself” is going to have to do.

Regardless of what you do online or off, you are branding yourself everyday.  When you are working online and I am talking to those who are marketing or affiliate marketing, then understanding that creating a good personal brand is important if you want to make any sales. 

quote on personal branding
On a personal level when I consider the issues of  branding myself  and how I want people to see me , I ask such questions as
What are my goals?
What do I like or even dislike?
What are my strengths and weaknesses
How do I want people to see me in daily life?
Never easy questions to answer if one is honest with themselves, but doing that check list periodically can be an eye opener and give you a direction.

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” – Malcolm Forbes, Publisher [Tweet this Quote]

In social media I have found  that the same questions you ask of your personal life can be said to be true in your public life and some of the ways you brand yourself can be thought of through these questions. 
1. What is your purpose or how are you defining your brand( you!)
2. What are your goals for you and your business over the next few years? ( a great way to plan your strategy)
3. What are your strengths and your weaknesses? When it comes to being in business knowing your strengths and capitalizing on them is required but knowing your weaknesses is also important to help you fill in those blanks that need to be worked on.
4. What are your skills and what experience do you have?

This kind of exercise is  important to give you a clear direction on how you want to be seen. One of the best things you can do is to yourself in the shoes of a person who has come across you twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn or Adlandpro profile..
What do you want a person to see?
Do you want people to see you as professional and business orientated?
Do you want people to see you being creative?
Do you want people to see you as helpful, energetic and engaging?

Kyle Lacy did an awesome SlideShare on  the ways to brand yourself  where he shares (gulp)  150 tips,tricks and ideas for personal branding that will have your head swimming with ideas.

I would like to highlight a few of these tips as I feel they are important to bring here

#013 Don’t view your personal brand as a sales pitch!
While it is one thing to put your talents on display, remember there is more to you than the product…Be real, be consistent and be yourself! 

#028 Use alt text with images. Most people forget to. It can boost SEO and help when browsers don’t display images. – @mandyboyle
How many of you even use the alt text on links and especially images?
A SEO tip, put a short descriptive text on your image links, do not keyword stuff ( Google will slap you for that). Think about images as great way to brand your likes ( My garden in …, My travel holiday in Peru…. Hiking in the Canadian Prairies etc.)

036 Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability. – Jason Hartman
A great wording on what you want to convey in social media, but also when you are creating quality content, being consistent in what you are doing, being reliable with posts and answering comments etc, you are showing that you are a competent person.

#054 Remember – 100% completed profile on LinkedIN makes your profile more powerful.

Have you gone through your social profiles on all your social properties including  your profile on Adlandpro?
Your profile is your readers glimpse into who your are and that will change over time. Make a point of going through your networks and make changes  when needed.
*One tip I will give is do not use the same wording on every profile on every network that you belong to. Every network is different and your are talking to people about different things on the specific places you go. Even though you may share the same things on different places according to interest, remember that you are developing a relationship with people and just like being at home in your jammies, you will talk to your family  in a certain manner and when you go to a friends home you will talk about topics of interests based on your commonalities, the same holds true when on different social networks.

#123 Use your blog to tell your story in YOUR words. Let your personality shine through.
This a very personal statement for me. To me blogging is the one way where you can be your own publisher, develop your brand in whatever is your interest and you get to build some of the most amazing relationships with your readers. Never treat a blog with disrespect..it truly is a window to who you are!

#134 Being committed to personal branding is extremely important. It is a lifestyle… not a job.
what more needs to be said?

One last piece of advise that I want to give you is to talk to people as people and to give more than you receive.  As a very good friend of mine has said over and over again

If you want engagement then be engaging via BlogBloke

As you can see there are many ways to brand yourself, I guess to me the most important thing you can ever do is ..be yourself!
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