What about social media spam?

What about social media spam?

What would we do without social media spam! Personally I would jump and down and cheer!

I was on a clients account yesterday and I kept noticing the spam on their twitter account and I shook my head at the wonderment of such lowly tactics and I kept wondering why are they doing this?

After reading an article by César Struve “Of trolls,spam and social media marketing” I realized that he is right, spam  is big business. I was a little surprised though when he talked about trolls in the same light as spammers, but it sure made sense.

“Trolls present an interesting psychological profile. While they’re generally referred to as ‘internet sociopaths’ and visualized as bitter individuals that spend their time bashing everyone and every product, company, and institution, interestingly, some of them have hundreds, thousands, and even millions of followers.
How do they earn that amount of attention just from spreading negativity? Why do people read their posts and eagerly await their next move? Are the followers as sick as the trolls they follow?…..

Go figure!!

I know that many of you who are reading this will look at yourself not as a spammer but an ordinary person who is just trying to get the word out about what you are doing..but you need to stop for a moment and think about what you are doing!

Instead of going through a huge long list of things you should not do, a very nice lady by the name of Anne Smarty wrote a very honest post where she talks about her own personal experiences about social media spam and created an infographic that I personally feel you should print out and keep close by. While I am putting that infographic here, I really would like you to read her own take on spamming ->
social media spam infographic


One last point to social media spam but first  I want to ask you a question

How many of you are using such tools as buffer, Hootsuite or some other kind of  social media management tool and how many of you are using more than one tool at a time?

The fact is when you are using so many tools at once and you have everything set to post to your social media accounts, you may just be spamming! How? It’s quite simple you are bombarding the same post to everyone (more often than not- duplicate posts )and on any social network it is a huge NO NO.  Remember that while these kinds of tools have loads of benefits that will help you, be aware of the downside and try hard to never misuse them..


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  • This is a great article Diane. Each social media marketer should stick his eye/ear and follow with a due attention the best way to personally contribute in creating a culture and harmless social media environment. Getting a reputation of “spammer” is not a beneficial thing at all.

    Carol, I am not sure if this can help you in getting a better view of this infographic, try to read it here http://www.pinterest.com/pin/277604764504530024/ (this is a Pinterest board dedicated to #AdlandPro).

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  • I Remember when people would call anything spam, boy how times have changed. It is funny how others comment sometimes on things they have no idea even about. I was once told it really did not matter what you are posting but if you attatch yourself just by entering any content then the spider crawlers of Google pick you up and link you and it helps boost your rankings. So good or bad either way once you put content in your in like flynn. lol

    • Have times really changed Kathy? In ways I suppose it has, instead of just dealing with email spam, now we deal with spam on social media..wow, isn’t that great?
      As I said and agree with spam is big business and only the fools who feel that saying anything just because it will be noted in semantic search is the ideal plan of action will be the only ones who think they are being smart!
      I guess it boils down to how you view your credibility and your ethics.
      Personally when I see people spamming just because it will be noted are people I want nothing to do with and more important they are people I would never buy from..if they are spam social networks..how can I trust them with anything?

  • I love the infographic, Diane. If I was going to pick a social media company that is doing the best job, I would have to choose Twitter, hands down. They really have done a great job, all the way around.

    Regarding tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, yes, you really do need to be careful. It’s very unwise to use them both at the same time and for the same message. Both offer scheduling, and both can be set to cover a wide ranging audience, so duplicating content on them both is unnecessary and counterproductive.

    Also, I you are using Scoop.it, it’s important not to turn around and Tweet or share the same article, because Scoop.it also sends to multiple platforms and can also be connected to Buffer.
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Phone EvolutionMy Profile

  • I totally forgot to mention Scoop.it Dave, so glad that you did! Lets not forget that the different social networks ( thinking Facebook) where you can automatically send to Twitter…yikes!
    I learned early on to not to set everything to blast everywhere in part for the reason of “spam” but more because what I share with one audience may not be suitable for a different audience.
    How did you organize yourself so that you would not be sending out duplicate messages all the time?


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