What is Selling (really)?

What is Selling (really)?

 what is selling  and how would you define it?

When I looked up the word “selling” I was a bit surprised by the sheer amount of listings on Google for this term can you believe over 30 million of people talking about selling!

what is selling?

So what is selling and what does it mean to you?

One of the entries caught my attention  and it was done by  Berhard Gschwandtner  who did a rather good post about selling where he started off with:

“Take a moment to think about what the word ”selling” means to you. Every time I ask sales executives to define ”selling,” I get answers like these:

Selling is a process of persuasion to get a prospect to take action.

Selling is finding a need and filling that need.

Selling is an exchange of goods or services for money.

Selling is walking the road of agreement with the customer.

Selling is an art.

Selling is a science.

Selling is a transaction.

Selling is relationship building.

Selling is a consultative process.

Selling is hustling.

Selling is all about trust.

There are as many definitions of selling as there are stars in the sky. Everyone has a different definition of the word “selling.”

Once You Define Anything, Your Definition Will Define You! I like that wording by the way because I have seen it over and over again with other terms such as affiliate marketing or internet marketing to name just a few.

The reason for this post is to share with you a radio broadcast done by Chuck Bartok  who did a fantastic show with Jeff Beeman about selling 

TalkShoe – Audio

I think that for anyone who is learning about marketing, who is a marketer or an affiliate marketer, it is by listening to such great programs such as Chuck’s radio show that you can learn to define who you are and want you want to be. 

P.S I agree with chuck by the way that selling ( when it is done honesty and with integrity) is a very honorable profession!


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