Affiliate marketing mindset – 15 steps to success

Affiliate marketing mindset – 15 steps to success

Affiliate marketing means having a business owner mindset!

After receiving lots of interesting responses to my recent article Problems in “affiliate marketing” land I decided to outline the process on how you can achieve a better success rate with your affiliate marketing. This is the same process which I have used to get my business going some years ago and as you might know, I own the Free Classified Website

Affiliate marketing quotation to help with a good mind set

At the beginning of my business career and going through these same steps, I didn’t entirely realize what I was actually doing , but later when I formulated the entire process, I realized the first mindset I needed was to be a business owner which you will read more about below. I sat down and created a list of steps that are needed to make affiliate marketing a successful venture and I have listed them here at the end of this post. These are not just steps that I feel you need to become successful, but articles I have written and revised to fit in with the newest developments in the area of internet technologies and tools.

The first thing to know is that being an affiliate marketer doesn’t really mean that you are just small part of somebody Else’s business. If you approach affiliate marketing from this point of view, you will never be successful and that is my strongest belief based on watching others fail and from my own experience. To me being an affiliate marketer means to sell somebody Else’s product or service, yet you consider it as your own business.

You will be successful in selling somebody else’s product if you have already have a business on your own which is in similar or is a related domain to the company you want to be affiliated with. E.g. If you are selling beauty products, you will be successful with enhancing your business with e.g. selling natural health products which support beauty and longevity.

Another good example is – if you are selling car tires, you will be successful with selling car accessories. In the big scope you are joining other affiliate opportunities because you want to enhance line of products and services you are already doing with products or services provided by somebody else.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your own business basing it on the affiliate relationship from the beginning, just treat affiliate marketing as if you were the business owner and the company you are affiliated with is your supplier.

At this point if this sounds to you like too much work and you want to continue to chase another best thing out there, stop reading. On the other hand if you would like to find out how to be an affiliate marketer behaving like a business owner keep reading.

You are still reading?

That’s good.

I’m sure this won’t be waste of time, just make sure that you read all the associated articles, otherwise consider yourself as walking the rope and stopping somewhere in the middle. Not only that you won’t be able to recover time you have spent so far but your time and money investment will be dragging you down and you will need to walk your rope back to the point where you have started in order to be able to continue what you always used to do.

Here are the steps that I used to build my business:


  1. Take advantage of your past year’s failures
    Can your last year’s failure be this year’s success?Part of planning and setting goals is a retrospective look back to analyze what in our lives didn’t go the way we wanted in the past. Consider what went good as expected, what went better than expected and what went totally wrong. When we talk about business goals we tend to forget about our other areas of our lives, like health, relationship and our spiritual world.
  2. Design/plan Your entire year
    “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln
  3. Determine what Your passion is
    The first step in deciding what type of business to own is to figure out what it is that you really love doing. By doing this, you’ll be one step closer to discovering the perfect business venture for you. If you skip this important step, you will be missing out on a wonderful growth opportunity as it truly influences how successful you’ll be in your business. Passion is the single most important thing in helping you get over the hurdles of disappointment.
  4. Determine business you would like to be in
    Why not then find a niche for yourself in that area and develop a business around it. In order to find, develop and grow your niche we will be using 5 step processes.
  5. Determine search keywords for your selected business
    This exercise will help you to understand how people might be looking for your solution. Try to get in the head of that person who needs your solution and what keywords would they use to find you on the internet.
  6. Determine demand for your product/service
    Your goal is to develop business which can provide value to the customer. Once the value is noticed, you can’t stop growing as the customer will ask for more.
  7. Determine your competition
    Remember that winning horse wins most of the time just by a nose, but gets 90% of prizes.
  8. Research your competition
    This will be very practical exercise and you will learn about two indispensable tools you need to have every single day installed on your browser.
  9. Start looking for your customers
    This tutorial will teach which tools to use to test your best selected business.
  10. Survey your potential customers
    Learn what kind tools you can use (some free) to survey your customers and get more ideas.
  11. Determine your USP
    Why customer should choose you over the competition.
  12. Determine your Domain Name
    Learn about tools to choose your domain name and where to register it.
  13. Determine your website builder
    What kind of software should you use to build your presence on the internet.
  14. Learn basics about Search Engine Optimization
    Build your site yourself and do basic SEO optimization
  15. More to come…




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