Who is Your Target Audience?

Who is Your Target Audience?

 who is your target audience?

I have noticed that whether it is social media, AdlandPro or other places where people  are marketing online, many people are having difficulty understanding their target audience and so they cast a wide net, hoping against hope they can catch that next lead or sale.

As many people know and especially my members on AdlandPro I love fishing and so for the purpose of getting you to understand targeting your audience, I’m going to refer to fishing from time to time.  As you can see by the quote by Charles Waterman, the job of a fisherman is   really quite simple, just pick out the best parts and fish, but is it that simple when it comes to marketing online?  Well, people are not fish   and that’s a fact, but understanding people is something you need to do in order to create a good and solid marketing plan.

I will assume that you have already figured out the USP of your product or service and have it already sorted out ( if you are unsure of   what a USP means, a member of Adlandpro did a post about this topic  which you can find here Determine your USP (unique selling point).  This will open in a new window so don’t worry, I will wait until you come back 🙂

You’re back?  Good – lets move on

So you now know that its important to understand what makes your brand unique and different… whats next?  Now you have to figure out how to find people to talk to, share with and sell your product and it is called targeting your audience and just like fishing you need to know certain things.

Get to know your target audience!Targeting your audience is like fishing, you need to know your audience

Why would anyone want to do that? Just like fishing, you need to know what will work for people so understanding them will go a long way to getting you closer to your target

How do you do you find your target audience?

Without getting too complicated there are certain factors you need to look at one of them being…

knowing what people are wanting is defined by their age, their gender, where they live,their education, what is their occupation and even their ethnic background. What is the purpose to this? Back to my fishing analogy, when you understand that salt water fishing is different than fresh water fishing, then understanding that some people might not be interested in what you have makes perfect sense. The product that your wanting people to buy may fit a certain criteria..maybe your product will be best suited to a retired person, a young mom or even those who are working part time.


Psychographics is a fancy word meaning studying and understanding what people are interested in, their lifestyles and opinions. Why do you need to know these things? Talking to a retiree who is interested in saltwater fishing is going to be different than talking to a retiree who is only interested in fresh water fishing. Both are talking about fishing, but the salt water fisherman is going to have different opinions about fishing  than the guy who will spend hours expounding of the virtues of line and tackle in fresh water fishing.  There are going to be those people who are more interested in what you are doing because of similar lifestyles or similar opinions on different topics. Understanding what people are interested in is going to serve you well in narrowing your net to find your target audience.

I could have made this a very complicated topic and indeed there is a lot involved in figuring it all out, but if you are new on the net, new to social media, understanding these basic steps will give you a good head start in wanting to know more about targeting your audience.

The reality is that when it comes to creating a good marketing plan, you really need to do this step if you are going to realize your goal. If you want to cast that wide net , then who knows you might find a person, but narrowing that net will be a lot more satisfying.

Oh before you go .. I wanted to show off my fishing expertise



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