Why Business Blogs are important

Business blogs really are important to the affiliate marketer!

 affiliate marketers need a business blog

While there are many people talking about blogs especially business blogs, I am always amazed by those who are still not using this valuable asset.

Before talking about the different ways ( 20 of the them) of spicing up a  business blog work for you, I thought It would be a good idea to explain why you should even have a blog.

1. When you are an affiliate marketer,having a business blog gives you a voice, a place to manage your reputation and to give your business the voice and authority it needs to really thrive.

2. Having a business blog is a great way to allow for customer service. If someone has a question about the product or service that you are promoting, then having a place where people can reach you is an important part of creating credibility to you and what you are doing.

3. While I truly believe in the power of social networks in talking to people about your product or service, without a home, then you are nothing but a travelling salesman hoping to get a person to pay attention to you. When you have your own home ( blog) you are building your own customer base, people will come to you and you stand a better chance of attracting leads, buyers and to build your own personal brand.

I know many new affiliate marketers have a lot of questions on what to put on a business blog and most people will create a blog and put an advertisment or a banner ad on a blog and think they are done, but nothing could be further than the truth. Like any business you have online, people want and need information, not just about what you are affiliating with but also everything surrounding a business and want to know more about you and what you represent.

When I first read the 20 ways to spice up your business blog on SiteProNews, I went wow! I totally agree with the author that a good business does not focus so much on the sell but providing information that will be interesting and will want people to know more about you, what you are doing and providing that information needed to do business with YOU!
I thought it would be fun and more informative to show you how to spice up a blog written by Adrienne Erin onto a SlideShare that I hope you will enjoy.

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