Why Pay to Sell?

Why Pay to Sell?

Why pay to sell?  Why you should never pay to sell someone else’s products

by Dave Cottrell

Ok, why pay to sell someone else’s products?

Think about it.  Why in the world would you pay someone else to sell their products? Duhhhhh!!  They need you to sell their products for them, so that they can make money.  YOU are the one who should be getting paid for selling.

Have you ever stopped to think about this? I mean, why should you have to pay for the privilege of making money for someone else? It doesn’t make sense to me, and yet, every day, people like you and I are actually paying money to someone in order to sell their products.

why pay to sell


Have you seen one multil-level-marketing (mlm) company that you can join for free and make money with them without ever paying any fees or buying anything from them?  I sure haven’t!

Many claim you can join free and make a pot of money, but once you sign up in the free section, you soon discover you really don’t stand any chance of making a dime without first spending money on some kind of kit or products, or super duper back office.  Furthermore, you quickly find that you’re getting a whole lot more spam in your inbox and telephone spam than before, because the people who have the information you just gave them are selling it all over the place.

The good news is that there are lots of companies that will never charge you a dime to become an affiliate, and will pay you override commissions several levels deep!  Some will even pay a finder’s fee, every time you sign up a qualified affiliate.

This means that anybody can get into business with a product and a way of getting paid without spending one dime.  That’s because the people who sponsor affiliate programs do it to sell their own products.  They aren’t in the business of signing people up to buy their products (like mlm companies), but they are in the business of signing up people whom they pay to sell their products to the masses.

You can easily get big dollar signs in your eyes if you let hype stir up your emotions, but stop and think about it.  How much do you actually need to make to make a living?  Will $3,000 per month get you by?  Then figure out what you have to do to make $3,000 per month.  Don’t try to make $100,000 per month before you even make a dime!

Let’s say you can make $50 per month as an affiliate, selling products for one company that has a two level deep override plan.  This means that they will pay you overrides, or extra commissions on the sales of anybody you recruit and anyone they recruit.

Let’s say that out of the people you are able to recruit in a month, along with your regular sales that are earning you $50 per month, you are able to find one recruit who can earn enough commissions to generate another $10 per month for you.  Now you’re up to $60 per month.

Now let’s say that person is able to find one person in a month who generates another commission for you of $5.  Now you’re up to $65 per month.  That’s not a lot, but it will buy you a nice meal.

If you do exactly the same thing every month for 12 months, that’s $50 in month one, $65 in month two, $65+10+5=$80 in the third month, $80+10+5=$95 the fourth month and so on.  This does not take into consideration you or the people you recruit and train becoming any better at what you do.  This is an average you can maintain, and if you do, you can calculate EXACTLY how long it will take for you to replace your income.

One of the terrific things about an affiliate program is that you can actually opt to buy the product, just once, so that you know what you’re selling and you’re not forced to keep on buying it month after month for the privilege of selling it.

If you are paying out $49 per month for a product autoship program, plus another $49 per month for your back office and autoresponder system with an mlm company, how long is it going to take for you just to break even?

Hint:  It’s enough of a challenge to sign up enough affiliates in a month who don’t have to pay a dime till you find one who will actually take his business seriously and generate sales.  Imagine how much harder you will have to work to sign up enough people at almost $100 per month till you find someone else who can do the same thing.  Remember:  every month you don’t find someone like you, you’re going backwards.

As an affiliate, never being charged a dime for the privilege of selling someone’s products, you “broke even” right from day one!

Think about it:  If you only referred 12 new active agents per year (how hard is that? They get in free, too!), and they each referred only 1 active agent, in 17 years you would be making $3,000 per month, every month!

You might think that’s a long time, but most people work some 45 years to be able to retire on less than they need to live on.  I guarantee you this:  if you stick at it, even at this pace, you will be way ahead of them.  I also guarantee you that if you start doing this consistently and steadily, you will do better and better, because you will learn how to do it better and better.  You cannot stay the same in anything you work at.  You can only get better.  You will reach $3,000 per month and pass it in WAY less time than our example.

Even better, there are lots of affiliate programs out there.  For any given niche, it’s often possible to find multiple affiliate programs that will complement one another, rather than compete with one another.  As a blogger, you will never have to hunt for affiliate links that will fit naturally and seamlessly into your blog without looking like you’re trying to sell something.

You can also join Skimlinks and have more than 18,000 affiliate progams available to you even while you check your email, read you newsletters, shop on eBay or any one of dozens and dozens of sites.  You would be amazed at how many of the sites you go to for reference and shopping, every day, also pay commissions.

Obviously, you can’t join them all, but you can join a company like Skimlinks, with their browser add-on, and tweet and share things you find cool, while including automatically generated links that pay you when someone shops through one of them.  Why not get paid while you do the research for your next article?

Affiliate marketing isn’t hard. With a combination of blogging, social media,  and  a few simple online classified ads, you can do very well.  The secret is to be consistent and stick at it.

I’ve  signed up multiple new affiliates with multiple companies in a month, with 2 simple classifieds! These potentially will bring me ongoing residuals, month after month, year after year, far into the future.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the market is flooded or the competition too fierce. If you want to pay out $49 or more to join and another $49 or more in monthly autoships for some nutritional product – then you’ll know what real competition and overloaded market is all about! And if you think you’ll keep your customers month after month in that market – I have some great swamp land for sale, cheap….

But seriously, the online marketplace just keeps growing and growing.  The population of the planet is growing so fast, now, that you have an absolutely incredibly huge market, with no sign of it letting up any time soon.

See what gets you excited. Don’t do the duhhh thing by paying out a whack of cash to sell someone else’s stuff.   They need you to sell their product;  they should be paying you, not the other way around.

Don’t let hype suck you in.  In the end, it usually sucks your wallet dry and leaves your credit cards maxed out.  Take a serious approach, with a serious goal and a serious plan.  Start working that plan with the goal always in sight, and keep working to make the plan better and more efficient.  

This is how every business succeeds.  It’s not luck.  It’s not brilliance.  It’s not even personality.  It’s persistence, sweating in the trenches, sticking to the plan, not working smart, but working smarter, every day.

The man who led the British through the darkest hours of an impossible war put it best when he said, “Never give up.”  That indomitable spirit carried a whole country to victory against impossible odds.  It can carry you to your goals in business, as surely as night follows day.

Get busy.  Don’t let hype fool you.  Why pay to sell someone else’s products?  Find those who will pay you, and the sky truly is the limit!

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