What will you say?

What will you say?

“What will you say” is a strange title for a blog post, but it will make sense by the time you have finished reading…


Have you ever played with Google Search, typing in different phrases to see what is being said about different topics? Every once in a while I will, in part for entertainment and in part for research. It can be quite an eye opening experience.
For example, when you type in the phrase “affiliate marketing is scam” on my computer it says there is about About 1,080,000 results or how about “affiliate marketing is a waste of time” ( I have heard that one quite often) according to Google there are about 1,690,00 results. That is a lot of unhappy people folks

What will you say…

I have often wondered how these people got these crazy ideas and I really feel bad for those people who made bad choices in what they were doing. How could this happen?

Instead of saying people thought they could make easy money and were greedy, I will say instead that for many people the economy sucks and they are desperate to create some kind of income for many reasons.

These same people are told by the so called experts all these myths about affiliate marketing and of course when people see the images of these so called wealthy people who were homeless and then wham..they are rich, well it kind of gets to you just like how you feel when you buy a lottery ticket..because as they say on the commercials “you never know

What will you say…

There are those affiliate marketers who sign a person up for a program and then leave them to their own devises, I guess in part because this is something they were taught to do?
When the people turn to the person who signed them up and ask for help, they are told its easy, get out there and copy and paste those ads everywhere after all that is what I learned.

What will you say…

The myths that abound about affiliate marketing and are still being taught to new people who want to be an affiliate marketer will either have you cringe in disbelief or will have you laughing ( maybe because you did the same kinds of things in your early days?)

These myths lies have been the bane to all people who are affiliate marketers who believe that this is an honorable proffession where people have ethics and are honest hard working folks.

Some of those myths  LIES  being told  are:

“It runs on auto pilot” or you are joining a program that all you have to do is set it up and forget it mentality is a lie..I am a little uncertain where this phrase came from..I can tell you that if anything is running on auto pilot and no one is seeing how things are..I would be running as fast as I could out of the way. The reality is that there may come a time when you don’t have to pay the same amount of attention, but you are always going to be taking care of every aspect of your business

What will you say…

“Hey man, this affiliate marketing thing is great..join a lot of programs and soon the money will be rolling in”
O.K a little over done..maybe.

Well yes I agree there are a lot of affiliate programs online, they are easy to find no doubt about that but here is the thing..how many affiliate programs can you join and still do a good job promoting them? Have you considered that some of these programs will not complement your main niche?? What kind of impression are you going to make if you have all these different affiliate programs you are promoting and they create this really impression like when you go to a place and all you see are neon signs. Your visitors will not look to you with any authority. The lesson to learn is know your limits and join only those programs that will work together..it will be much nicer for any visitor who  comes to your site.

What will you say…

You must be wondering by now why am I saying all the time “what will you say?” through out this post and there has been a reason.

What will you say to a person who is wanting to become an affiliate marketer?

How will you mentor them, teach them and guide them?

That was the question I asked myself earlier today and I sat and put it on paper ..what would I say!

The infographic that I created is to help you ( as it helped me) to answer the question what will you say.

I hope that my journey into answering the question of what to say and not to say to a new person wanting to come into affiliate marketing has help you in some small way.  Please feel free to share with your friends and neighbors


what will you say to new  affiliate marketer - An infographic to give ideas

Click on “What will you say” to see the full infographic



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  • Great article Diane! I would say to anyone wanting to become an Affiliate Marketer, the most important consideration is “why?” If their why is that they want to make a lot of money quick, I would have to say “I am sorry I can not help you with that.” If they said that they are using this great resource like Adlandpro, and they want to share it with others, I would say, “Awesome you came to the right place, I am an affiliate of a lot of programs that are of great value.” I only promote those programs that I am currently using and are producing the results that I am looking for. Would I share with a person all of the programs? No! I would first get to know the person and find out what their interests are. I would then introduce them to the programs that would help them achieve their goals, working with them to make sure they get the most value that that program offers.
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