How to Write an About Me that works

Do you know how to write an about me for your blog/website or social networks?

How many of you remember the song “getting to know you”? It was first sung by Gertrude lawrence in the 1951 musical The King and I and when it comes to how to write an about me, this song is one the best songs to think about in terms of writing a good bio for your site or on the different social networks  you belong to.


Getting To Know You

Gettin’ to know you,
Gettin’ to know all about you.
Gettin’ to like you,
Gettin’ to hope you like me.

Gettin’ to know you,
Putting it my way but nicely.
You are precisely,
My cup of tea.

Gettin’ to know you,
Gettin’ to feel free and easy.
When I am with you,
Gettin’ to to know what to say.
Haven’t you noticed,
Suddenly I’m bright and breezy,
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I’m learning about you
Day by day.

 Many people hate writing an about me because they have no idea what to say.

Some people will put it off because they think it will suck.

Then there are those  people who make the mistake of   considering an about me as a marketing message and in the end it becomes a  Gobbledy gook.

Unlike the business card that you can hand out at parties or business meetups, the about you is more about saying hello to your visitors online.

how to write an about me as in getting to know you


In some ways I think term “about you” is an oxymoron as the purpose to this important page or social profile is really about the person who is reading it. To take this one step further, this is the one place where you can talk about yourself but here is the catch, it has to be written in terms of how this will help your readers.

So what are the basics of how to write an about me?

1. Remember who you are talking to. Every social network will have a different group of people who are following you, talk to them and share with them the why they should get to know you better. On a blog give people a reason to follow your blog by keeping the focus of what your blog is about

2. Your personality needs to shine through your about me page
Who are you? Leading with facts is nothing more than a business card, people want to know YOU. Show your values, what are your goals, make it interesting. I know a lot of people want to share a lot more about themselves from where they grew up or what their favorite food or music etc. A great idea would be to write a blog post about “random things about me” and then put that on your about me page. A great way to glimpse into your private life don’t you think?

3. Do you have a way for people to contact you on your about me page?
If you have a blog or website, this should be on your sidebar, but don’t forget putting that information on your about me page. This is very important for anyone who is marketing or wanting people to contact you personally

4 Build trust by adding a good photo of yourself on your about me page. We all like to see real people.Funny thing about adding photos that people really dont’ put a lot of thought into this and most times the photos that people use look more like a mug shot or an image that is so blurry, its hard to see anything. Think about how people are seeing you in that image and make it a picture of positivity!

5. Let people know how you can help them in your about me page. Its not that hard by the way, think about why you are on a social network or why they have come to your blog and let it be known how you can benefit their lives. You can demonstrate how you have provided solutions to people by adding links or putting in testimonials.

6. Yes it is O.K to brag! We all have done cool things in our life, share your achievements ,it can start a great conversation and it will help people relate to you as a person.

7. For those of you who are doing an about me on a blog, have you considered how to get people to stick around? One  way to do this is to point them to a post that you have done that is the most popular, or consider an informational post you have done.

8. Another point to those of you who are blogging, have you got an optin form on your about me page? What a great way to get more subscribers to your blog when they are already reading about you. If you are using marketing tools such as Aweber or MailChimp, read their tutorials on how to add an optin form to your about me page. I know that there are special plugins for WordPress, but confess I am not as knowledgeable about Blogger.

A well written about me page will clear up all or any doubts readers who are going to your social profile or blog may have about you – how do you write an about me page?

Now…Shall we sing…. Getting to know you?



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  • Diane, thank you for posting this informative and insightful information.
    I appreciate all the points you make and even after more several years as a multi- blogger
    I am still not happy with my “About” pages.
    You are so correct when you say some of us don’t know what to write or fear what we do write will “suck”.
    I at least am always on the lookut for tips such as you have provided here; so that I can tweak my about pages.

    So thanks again and I wish you continiued success!

    Yvonne Finn recently posted…Why Am I Still Single?My Profile

    • Hi Yvonne and what a pleasure to meet you 🙂
      I think the about me page is something that we will always be tweaking, because the longer we blog or are on social networks, then as with life, our “story” will change.
      I’m glad that I could help out and let me know how it is going for you.

      By the way…cool blog!


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